The Return of the Mother

I fell in love with the moon, again.
It was dark. It was cold. It was midnight in the woods.

There was nothing lighting my way, except her. Her Fullness, her Aloneness, her Presence guiding every step. Like an unmet lover, she drew me to her. The muddy Earth melted into the night--dirt and dark blurred.

An ancient Madrona, showing off her giant roots, opened herself as an Altar--Gaia manifesting in the magnificent gnarls before me.
My heart remembered lifetime upon lifetime of singing to the Moon in the black of night, lit by her Light. Born Priestess, Healer, Oracle, Witch--again and again--to call forth the Mother.

I sang to her and she sang through me.
A song of longing, loving, sorrow, union, rage and rapture.
A song of Beltane, Philae, Tibet.
A song of Tara, Kali, Isis.

I remembered Her and She remembered me.
Yuga after yuga, and now the Kali Yuga...
she lights the Way of the Cosmic Mother.

Eyes wide open.
Hearts wide open.
Thighs wide open.

Let her come.


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About Erama

Erama (BB) Schmid has been in the healing arts
for lifetimes.

Certified Sound Healer and Intuitive, Erama works primarily through the Egyptian and Tibetan lineages to awaken and arouse the Feminine Heart.

Her deep and abiding love for the Divine Mother is the foundation for all sessions and teachings. She has studied with Master Sound Healer Tom Kenyon, Spiritual Warrior Goddess Judi Sion, and the Great Mama, Amorah Quan Yin.

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